Ayiti Now Corp directly purchases and distributes school books needed by the students. The School Book Bank Program is ongoing. This program provides school books to students for all subjects and professional development to their teachers. All textbooks will be retrieved and redistributed to new students each school year.  ClickToTweet!

The objective is to increase academic achievements. The School Book Bank Program empowers marginalized children of poverty with school books and their teachers with didactic material, pedagogy training, continuing education and assessments literacy ; which improves the teaching and learning opportunity and overall quality of  education.

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Read more about:

1. Recipient Assessments

2. Program Background

  • Cost Of Tuition
  • Privatized Education System
  • Limited Income

3. Program Description

4. Program Long Term Success

  • Outreach
  • Secondary And Pre-School Education
  • Technology

5. Program Short Term Success

6. Program Success Monitored

  • Database
  • Testing Material
  • Accademic Performance

7. Program Success Examples

  • Enrollment Rates
  • Graduation Rates
  • Textbook Longevity


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