At Ayiti Now Corp the possibilities are concrete for donors to break-through the impediments and engage directly with the recipients of our educational programs.

We want to do more to ensure that children of poverty have access to quality education and you can do it with us.

Our programs are effective social investments designed to have the greatest long term impact. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the institutions we assist to measure, research, and inform our programming. Ayiti Now Corp’s education programs in Haiti are urgent because the rate of investments to the education sector is unable to produce qualitative results insofar increasing the percentage of children in school not learning.

Donate Monthly From $4.99

Donors like you are critical and can play a unique role in the ecosystem of education. Your donation or your participation will be strategically activated for education programs, which long term impact is tangible. Strategy starts with information. Ayiti Now Corp is deploying the resources to target the barriers to access quality education. We are generating the highest possible social return. We are devoted to donors and recipients through providing transparent communications materials reflecting our programs tangible results. We are committed to the donors desire of touching children’s’ lives by providing quality education. Ayiti Now Corp has developed geographic specialization,  your donations gives the  recipients an opportunity to access quality education,  which is a social investment. Education generates a positive and reinforcing cycle of development: an educated child will have the possibility to earn more; participate to society economically and socially; and pass on the same benefits to others. Ayiti Now Corp objective is to expand quality education programming to the St. Marc, Haiti, community level to increase quality-based access to children of poverty by playing a consistent holistic role driven by the goal of solving the barriers to access with sustainable results.    ClickToTweet!


Donate Monthly From $4.99

Your donations are entirely used to fund our programs. Ayiti Now Corp recipients are fully aware of your sacrifice and our collective effort to stop their cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Your donations are instrumental to provide access to education through programs designed to empower the recipient to become givers themselves towards the new generations of kids living under poverty. Your donation has a multitude of impacts by funding access to education and then transforming the recipients into givers of their skills, qualities and knowledge. Your donation will set in motion a wave of change that shapes the recipient understanding that their effort to help others is a powerful social contract.  Please visit the donation page. Your Gifts In Kind specifically for the education mission are most important. Please contact us regarding the details of your gifts.   ClickToTweet!

You Can Donate Solar Jobs!

You can be as involved as you wish. Ayiti Now Corp has partnered with this global leader of Portable Energy Storage System  to empower the Book Bank recipients.  This entrepreneurship  program creates economic opportunity and financial independence for students in servitude and families in extreme poverty. Ayiti Now Corp gives enough business training and resources to help entrepreneurs succeed.  Are you ready to empower? 


At Ayiti Now Corp we are all volunteers. Your time and effort will enable Ayiti Now Corp to reach the most vulnerable kids living under poverty. Regardless of your schedule and skills you can transform despair into hope for a child lost in the mechanics of poverty. Ayiti Now Corp is able to reach the ground and fulfill the mission thanks to generous people like you that have contributed in many different ways towards our success. Please read our volunteer page or  contact us with any questions.

Raise Money

Every dollar counts. Every dollar is stretched to the maximum impact. The collective effort to raise money produces more opportunity for kids under poverty. Take on a fundraising campaign challenge, send a strong signal about your values. Take the first step! The cost of the textbooks we purchase starts at $1+. The value of the knowledge provided with one school book is limitless. Please visit our Fundraising page for more information.   ClickToTweet!

Donate Monthly From $4.99

Our Store

Your purchases on Ebay or Amazon will sponsor textbooks. If you are an Ebay seller you can support our cause, visit this page! If you have items that Ayiti Now Corp can resale please contact us.  If you have the ability to provide Ayiti Now Corp with custom t-shirts please contact usAmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Support Ayiti Now Corp by starting your shopping at AmazonSmile. ClickToTweet! 

Partners & Sponsors

Many corporations have generously provided services, products and grants that enable us to efficiently reach more kids. Your organization can help us! The resources you have available are extremely important to our mission: Cause Marketing, Matching Gifts, Workplace Giving, Donate Product, Donate Services and Link To Our Website are some examples. Please visit the Partners & Sponsors page for more information or contact us with your requests, your requirements or share your ideas. We can formulate the best business value for your organization to match your expectations and reach your philanthropic objectives. Lets talk today!

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