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Ayiti Now Corp is an All Volunteer Organization.

If you like an organization where you are part of the decision making process, you have come to the right place. We have just the opportunity for you to use your talent, expertise, passion and creativity in marketing, fundraising, research, editing or hands on projects in Haiti. Everything we do has one mission in mind: empowering the children in extreme poverty.

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Then review our programs and mission to better understand our volunteering work! Get started now by going through our website pages and the videos that will provide an overview of the work we do. Volunteers constitute 100 percent of our total work force to carry on our mission. You are important!

Several millions of Haitian children do not have school books. We want to change this! Millions of children in the world need a School Book Bank such as ours, we want to reach them!

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Every year Ayiti Now Corp wants to deliver school books to new students.

In addition to the School Book Bank we have other programs focused on education, teacher training, tutoring, sanitation, hygiene, health care, mentoring, nutrition, water purification, sexual education and entrepreneurship.

Ayiti Now Corp is a very dynamic and transparent environment where you can really make a difference in children’s lives.

Our programs establish long term personal relationships with the children so you will have an opportunity to follow the positive impact we provide year after year.

Ayiti Now Corp provides children in extreme poverty with a better learning opportunity. Whether it’s a million children or one child who needs our programs, our success is made possible by people like you, who will experience the ability to deliver tangible results to these children.

Ayiti Now Corp needs you!

Various Opportunities to Help: People with all kinds of different backgrounds, talents and skill levels.

Fits Your Schedule: Ayiti Now Corp can work with you to provide rewarding experiences, whatever your schedule or how much time you have. ClickToTweet!

Editor: Volunteers assist with writing blogs, web pages, newsletters, press releases, policies, job descriptions, orientation courses, and writing public presentations. ClickToTweet!

Office: Volunteer screening interviews, record keeping, computer data entry. ClickToTweet!

Video: Do you like to edit video? We have plenty of raw video about our work in Haiti! Stored on the #cloud! ClickToTweet!

French: Is French your mother-tongue? You can help from home by tutoring via the internet! ClickToTweet!

Information and Communication Technologies: e-learning can do miracles, if you want to be part of this program let’s talk! ClickToTweet!

Team Leader: Help coordinate and supervise activities and service projects. Volunteers are needed to help plan and implement special events throughout the year. ClickToTweet!

Health, HIV/AIDS Mentoring: Serve as role models and speak to groups of students using STD/HIV/AIDS awareness materials. Teach community as well as preschool and elementary school classes in CPR, First Aid, water safety, hygiene, sanitation, and safety presentations. ClickToTweet!

Speakers: Volunteer speakers need to do presentations within the community. ClickToTweet!

Special Projects: Volunteers needed to assist with various duties for fundraising and special events. ClickToTweet!

Grant Researching/Writing: Volunteers needed to assist and work with the Chief Fundraising Officer in writing grants, etc. ClickToTweet!

Social Media Manager: Develop strong bonds with people within the social network, listen the community and share our philosophy. ClickToTweet!

Marketing Manager: We have excellent programs and measurable impact, tell our story to the world. ClickToTweet!

Webmaster: Content updates (WP).

Fundraising: We need all the help we can, bring your skills to raise money to purchase as many School Books we can! ClickToTweet!

In any capacity, at any level, your participation is instrumental in improving the lives, hearts and future of Haitian children. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working together!

Donate Monthly From $4.99

Ready to Volunteer?

Please fill out our Volunteer Form and we will contact you shortly.

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