Ayiti Now Corp is a Miami, Florida based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in January 2010  to empower marginalized children of poverty through educational programs. Ayiti Now Corp has developed a School Book Bank social investment model viable world wide. In Haiti, Ayiti Now Corp launched the pioneer program in November 2010. The School Book Bank serves these children and their teachers without discrimination as to race, color, national origin, ethnic group, religion, creed, gender, or disability. All the school books are cataloged, distributed, retrieved, and re-distributed yearly directly to the children. By promoting custodianship, Ayiti Now Corp entrusts the children with the capacity to maintain the books; this builds self-esteem, instills responsibility and enables the longevity of the textbooks.

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Ayiti Now Corp’s Philosophy

Ayiti Now Corp, shall help the very poorest to solve their own development problems. Help will be given in a manner which makes every effort to avoid social injustice towards those who do not receive help. We believe that  help must be directed to the smallest possible self- help structure. The development goals, including the planning and implementation, must be decided in partnership with those who need and want the help.  This is a major priority.

To avoid going into a poor country with predetermined solutions based on our own modern society and cultural backgrounds, it is imperative to find solutions through dialogue with the recipients. Their attitudes, concerns and traditional values must be addressed with the utmost care and responsibility. Help may only be given when those responsible are personally reliable and honestly engaged, live in adequate modesty and possess some problem-solving capability in the respective value system. ClickToTweet!

Those who are being helped must at least offer their own participation and must make, whenever possible, some adequate contribution. Our goal is that the recipients’ self-help capacity grows into self-sufficiency and that all technical assistance will be adapted to the future local maintenance capacity and energy resources.  Ayiti Now Corp’s learning and problem solving experience must be shared with others and used for global consciousness development. Our Philosophy was inspired by www.solidarity.org

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