Ayiti Now Corp has programs aiming to increase access to quality education and graduation rates for marginalized children of poverty and continuing education and pedagogy for their teachers.

Our goal is to serve the most vulnerable children in Haitian society. Most times the lack of resources prohibits the basic level of academic achievements. These bright children typically do not have an opportunity to access the school system due to their socio-economic background. Many of these children are abandoned, orphaned, or restaveks. Restaveks are unpaid workers serving in urban households which are providing shelter and food in exchange for their servitude. This is considered an extremely underprivileged social position. The number of children living under these circumstances are very high (National census projections for 2010 showed 21% of the children ages 5 to 14 in the urban population of Haiti). Often the lack of alternative solutions normalizes their servitude role into social acceptance also at the expense of schooling and literacy.  Our programs are modeled around the needs of these children and the limitations of their guardians. Ultimately their successful academic achievements are our priority.   ClickToTweet!

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Programs For Teachers:

To improve the quality of education in Haitian schools serving the poor, Ayiti Now Corp provides access to ongoing education to teachers as well as programs to help them supplement their income. Most teachers also live in poverty. Some of the programs we’re assisting with are:

  • French
  • Planning and Testing Material
  • Didactic Material
  • Graduate Education Sponsorship
  • Continuing Education – Pedagogy
  • Salaries Subvention

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Programs For Students:

To educate students Ayiti Now Corp provides didactic materials required by the national curriculum approved by The Board Of Education, as well as recreational reading material and programs to increase their reading to grade levels. Many of the students we serve are living under extreme poverty and unable to access quality education without our programs. Some of the programs provided are:

School Book Bank

  • French Courses
  • Tutoring French
  • Tutoring Math
  • School Library
  • Uniforms Assistance
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Recreational Reading
  • Entrepreneurship

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Health Awareness

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Donate Monthly From $4.99

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