Program Description

The success of Ayiti Now Corp education programs and the academic achievements of the students are linked to our ability to support the teachers. Ayiti Now Corp has established an ongoing pedagogy training provided by professionals and customized for the teachers based on classroom observation by pedagogy inspectors. This program provides to the teachers access to periodic in-depth seminars examining specific textbooks used in the classroom including related teaching methods and lesson preparation. During summer we sponsor a French class to improve the teachers’ reading, comprehension, oral communication, grammar and orthography. Through this program the teachers receive all the didactic material including textbooks, textbook guides, and the curriculum for the respective grade. At Ayiti Now Corp we are committed to allocate in our budget financial bonuses for the teachers successfully increasing measurable academic achievements of our intended recipients.

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Progressively we will introduce and implement the use of technology for teacher’s training and in the classroom for teaching and administration. To increase the quality of education we will develop a more efficient use of the resources to maintain the number of total recipients but lower the unsustainable workload of each overpopulated classroom. The first reachable objective will be to limit classrooms to maximum 30 students and eventually furthermore decrease the quantity depending on empirical evidence. The high demand for education, from alphabetization to quality education put enormous pressure on poor schools to accept students, teachers can find classrooms between 40 and 70 students, typically without electricity and without basic materials and supplies.   ClickToTweet!


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Program Long Term Success

  • Pupil-Teacher Ratios
  • Qualified And Certified Teachers
  • Information and Communication Technologies

Program Short Term Success

  • Training
  • Digital Divide
  • Salaries

Program Background

  • Students Academic Achievement
  • Teacher’s Qualification
  • The Haitian Population Speaks Creole


Donate Monthly From $4.99

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