1. What are we aiming to accomplish?

Ayiti Now Corp is providing access to quality education to marginalized children of poverty and specialized training to their teachers. Read more on our work  ClickToTweet!

See how our mission and programs are perfectly synchronized with the Education For All and MDG! 

2. What are our strategies for making this happen?

We seek to help marginalized children of poverty enrolled in schools developed through local non-profits or charitable efforts. Read more on our strategies

3. What are our organization’s capabilities for doing this?

The limited availability of money has forced us to leverage every other micro-resource and opportunity without losing the need to establish a viable system.  We believe in the idea of integrating our resources to the community existing efforts and objectives. Read more on our capabilities

4. How will we know if we’re making progress?

Each child’s academic progress is evaluated as well as the manner in which they practiced custodianship of the materials. Read more about how we evaluate progress

5. What have and haven’t we accomplished so far?

Ayiti Now Corp programs are provided to local non-profit schools able to provide access to education regardless of children’s ability to pay tuition. We have served more then 300 marginalized children of poverty. Read more about what we accomplished and not…     ClickToTweet!


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The number of recipients receiving services provided by the School Book Bank Program continues to grow.

2010 - 2012 Number Of Recipients - Ayiti Now Corp Book Bank Program


 The quantity of textbooks managed by the School Book Bank Program is rapidly increasing.

2010 - 2012 New Textbooks Purchases - Ayiti Now Corp

2010 – 2012 New Textbooks Purchases – Ayiti Now Corp



Side by side number of recipients and quantity of textbooks managed by the School Book Bank Program

The School Book Bank Program In Haiti

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